Imagine a world where illness is optional.

Eradicating the Epidemic of Chronic Diseases

Our mission is to digitize, decode, and decipher human biology for the prevention, early diagnosis, and treatment of chronic diseases and cancer.

We are challenging the current medical-healthcare industrial paradigm that addresses how molecular phenomena are driving illness and disease.

Through the lens of a systems biology approach, we view health as a dynamic interplay between microbial and human gene expression.

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Challenging the Central Dogma

Of Molecular Biology

DNA is Not Our Destiny

Over 90% of diseases are not
associated with an individual’s DNA


Research initiatives investigating the diversity of human-associated microbes have only recently gained momentum as microbial gene expression and the plethora of biochemicals they generate are beginning to be explored.

Now, through advancing technology in metatranscriptomics and machine learning models, Viome is utilizing groundbreaking techniques to identify the patterns for optimizing human health and overcoming chronic diseases, cancer, and aging.

The Power of the Human Microbiome

Research has shown that altering human microbiome functions can play a key role in the prevention of chronic diseases.

The industry standard for chronic disease prevention and treatment requires a revolutionary re-envisioning that incorporates the functional gene capacity and transcriptional activity of microbes.

Featuring analysis from Viome Consumer Sciences and our line of consumer related diagnostic tests, we have accumulated meta-data from over 300,000 specimens with insight on various chronic conditions.

  • Microbial genes outnumber human genes 150>1
  • 90% of all diseases linked to the microbiome
  • Microbes play a role in the way human genes are expressed



Pillars of Viome
Life Sciences

Viome Life Sciences was founded in 2016 with a mission to make illness optional by predicting and preventing chronic diseases through a deeper understanding of an individual’s biology at a molecular level. We focus on three key initiatives:


Our direct-to-consumer service analyzes gene expressions (RNA) in order to provide individuals with health insights and precision nutrition to live a healthier life.

This platform of ~300,000 samples enables us to enhance our understanding of human biology as a system in order to develop predictive biomarkers, precision diagnostics, and precision therapeutics to prevent and intercept chronic diseases.


Our predictive biomarkers provide us with the hypothesis to do clinical research and identify the signatures of chronic diseases, cancers, and aging.


The signatures found through diagnostics allow us to determine the mechanism of action to develop precision therapeutics in the form of drugs and vaccines.

Viome can determine drug effectiveness, including immunotherapy, which is dependent upon the gut microbiome.

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